I came across this at the DVD rental place, and as I had been meaning to watch it for some time finally got it out.

It was alright as a film just by itself I suppose, nothing special but it had it’s moments. But it was more interesting to watch when you know about the TV series.

Some things make more sense in the TV series after watching this such as the origin of Hotlip’s name, and why the theme song is called ‘Suicide is Painless’.

Many things were directly lifted from the film in the series, such as the opening credits which used the same footage in some shots, the camp looked very similar, and of course the characters. Donald Sutherland played Hawkeye, and he was pretty good, but Alan Alda did a good job of taking over the role. Most of the other characters were there except for Klinger, and one character, a dentist nicknamed ‘Painless’ (the theme song was about him), was not used in the series. But the only actor to go onto the series was Radar who did not appear all that much. Robert Duvall played Frank.

The humour was pretty much the same although there were some crass jokes which would have never been used in the series.

The film didn’t really have a plot, it just followed mostly Hawkeye and Trapper as they bummed around various situations. Like the TV series it got a bit serious at times but mostly it was a comedy.

Date watched: May 11th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2013: 60


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