Far Cry 3

This came out late last year, and after playing the first two games which I enjoyed lots, I had to get this straight away.

And I burned through it pretty quickly, especially over the last week or so, it was hard to stop playing at times.

It is a long game though, it took over 27 hours playing time to get through it, so it was worth every yen. Like the other games it requires a lot of running around doing missions and following the story, shooting up bad guys along the way. There are lots of weapons to play with, but I usually stuck to sniper rifles, machine guns or the flamethrower. I am not so good at close combat so I like to shoot stuff with the sniper rifle.

Like the first game this is set on tropical islands so looks great, and you can get around by boat, car, jet-ski, or just run everywhere which is what I liked to do. There are various side missions to do, but I basically just raced through the story without doing many missions.

The graphics are great, although I could have done with a slightly more powerful computer at times, even though my computer is no slouch. The voice actors were very impressive, and the island natives were obviously voiced by Aucklanders (I confirmed this in the end credits).

It is pretty violent, and there is lots of swearing. Games seem to be trying to emulate films.

I will lay off the games for a while now.

Games played 2013: 1

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