Alien Resurrection

I got this out on Blu-Ray and was able to choose either the original version or the 2003 version, I went for the latter.

It started out with a short clip not in the original, just before the opening credits that was supposed to be humourous but wasn’t and was totally out of character with the rest of the film. There were a few scenes in the film that were supposed to be funny but didn’t really work and could have done without it completely. This was due to the French director I think, European humour is fine for European films but not for Hollywood science fiction.

The rest of it though was not too bad. There were some good action bits, a simple but alright story and reasonably good acting. But overall it just didn’t stand up to the three previous Alien films at all. I still think the first was the best.

Date watched: September 1st
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2012: 85

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