Superman II

After seeing Superman a few weeks ago I decided to try out a few more.

Not nearly as good as the first, mostly because of the weak plot and direction. It was just plain silly in places. In one scene for example, the three baddies, led by a much younger Terence Stamp, were wreaking havoc on a street by blowing with their superbad-breath which causing a mini hurricane. Cars were flying about and people were being blown along the street. Yet, while this was going on some people found time for comedic relief such as the guy who continued talking on the phone after the whole booth was blown away. Or the ice cream that one guy was eating being blown off into the face of the person next to him. Then there were people casually walking out of a shop long after the hayhem had begun and looking surprised at all the destruction going on about them. It was just too silly to stand really. It seems the director just wanted to get laughs from this scene to make the destruction look not so bad.

No one died in all his chaos of course, this is a family movie after all. A helicopter in an earlier scene did crash into a barn and exploded into a huge fireball that would have been quite a grisly death. The pilot’s radio chatter of ‘I’m going to crash! I’m going to crash!’ were his last words. But he was an army dude so it’s ok if he dies.

What partially saved this though was Christopher Reeve, he was just as good in this as he was in the first. As Clark Kent he does comedy well and as Superman he is rather dashing. Still, the rest of the film just doesn’t do him justice.

There was a lot of behind the scenes crap going on with this film though, you can read about it here. It partly explains the campy humour and general messiness.

Date watched: January 28th
Score: 4/10
Film count 2012: 16

2 thoughts on “Superman II

  1. tappa January 30, 2012 / 12:42 am

    Read that Wiki article about this, didn’t realise they made this at the same time as the first one. You going to watch the third one?


  2. admin March 16, 2012 / 7:14 pm

    I didn’t know that either. Yeah, I will watch the third one. It has Richard Pryor in it.


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