Never Say Never Again

Even before the opening credits had finished I knew I wasn’t going to like this one. I didn’t know what year this was made before I watched it but those first few seconds of the credits were enough to know that it is another terrible 80’s Bond movie. That and the fact that this movie cannot really be considered a proper Bond movie because it was made by an independent production company, not the usual Bond company.

The story too was just not right. At the beginning the double-O agents had all been retired and 007 was re-training for some reason, essentially he was out of work, which should never happen I think. And this movie was released in the same year as Octopussy which starred Roger Moore, whereas an aging Sean Connery was in this one.

Sean Connery though was quite impressive considering he was 52 at the time. He was quite physical and did quite a few stunts himself. The bad dude too was quite good but the rest of the cast were mediocre. The music throughout was terrible and didn’t match the action at all.

The story was over-long and I was getting quite bored by the end. Avoid this one.

Date watched: December 8th
Score: 4/10
Film count 2011: 110


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