This has to be the ultimate Bond movie. It’s got the Aston Martin which used several nifty weapons and gadgets (I didn’t see a Bond car in Diamonds are Forever or Moonraker), other cool vehicles like underwater machines and stuff, a tropical location (Bahamas), an escape scene where Bond used a jetpack, luverly ladies, a helicopter, a villain with an eyepatch, bumbling henchmen, cool Q gadgets which Bond used quite a few of in this movie, underwater fight scenes, man-eating sharks, and Connery at his Bond best with one or two great lines:

Bond: “That looks like a women’s gun.”
Largo: “Do you know a lot about guns, Mr. Bond?”
Bond: “No, but I know a little about women.”


And most of this was done without special effects. The sets were huge and they even built a full-sized replica of a Vulcan bomber (big airplane) for the underwater scenes (the plane has crashed). Impressive.

From IMDB: “The dictionary definition of the word “thunderball” is that it was a military term used by US soldiers to describe the mushroom cloud seen during the testing of atomic bombs. Hence its use as a title because this would be result of SPECTRE detonating the stolen atomic bombs. In a case of life imitating art, the codename for the 1976 Israeli operation to rescue hostages held in Uganda was called “Thunderball” and named after this movie.”

Score: 9/10
Bond-O-meter: 9.5/10
Movie count 2011: 72

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