Funniest CHiPs moment

The funniest episode so far has been Season 1, Episode 12 titled ‘Aweigh we go’. Jon and Ponch are assigned to a highway weigh station because they are short staffed. They are not happy about this but the Sarge ordered them so that was that. But of course it turned out to be an adventure and they busted a few crims while they were at it.
But the funniest thing in the whole episode, if not the season so far was this. They scoped two dudes, one in a Mustang and the other in a huge hot van (vans in those days were hip, man). They just started a drag race together so Jon and Ponch tore off after them. This race by the way should have been very one-sided, there is no way a van could out-run or even keep up to a Mustang, even though the van had a huge V8 in it. The two dudes, who giving each other the eye at the start of the race and looking as mean and tough as they could, each turned onto two different roads when they realised they were being chased by the ‘Chippies’. Jon followed the van dude and the chase quickly ended when the van went off the road and got stuck in dirt. Jon went up to the guy and said “OK, you just steered yourself into jail, now get out!”. Cool.
Ponch chased the Mustang dude for a few corners so we could get a few good shots of Ponch looking heroic, then the funniest part came. The Mustang dude looks over his shoulder at the heroic Ponch and while doing so the steering wheel comes off in his hands. He turns back and looks at the steering wheel in his hands with this expression on his face…
The look of terror on this bad actors face was damn funny, I laughed about it for ages after. Anyway, he for some reason wrestles with the wheel as if it is fighting him then spins off the road. He gets out of the car, still holding the wheel, and stumbles around looking dazed. Ponch comes up to him and says “OK hotdog, the race is over and you lost. Now turn around!”.
The main story in this episode is about some mean dudes who are truck theives. They hang around truck stops and nick off with trucks. This is where Jon and Ponch’s transfer to the weigh station neatly fits in with the plot. They bust them of course.
The comedic relief at the end of the story involved a boat that the Sarge, Jon and Ponch all bought together and worked on in the episode. At the end they took their newly fixed-up boat to a lake and were preparing to go. Ponch jumps into the boat from the jetty and makes a huge hole in the bottom of the boat, so while the end credits were running it would play the reactions of everyone and freeze frame for a second or so on the funny situation. This freeze frame thing is done in almost every episode and always involves some funny situation. Here is the last freeze shot from that episode.
Ponch sinks da boat

Other bits:
Jon drives a Mini, yellow with double brown stripes going from the bonnet and across the roof. It also has a sunroof and is right hand drive, quite a unique car.
Jon and Mini
His apartment has a turnstile in the kitchen, must have been a fad in those days.
He is a popular guy in his apartment building, especially with the ladies who all seem to be supermodels and always walking around in swimsuits or tennis outfits. Some of them do his cleaning for him. In return he lets them use his veranda because it gets the sun all day long and they can get a good tan. Most of them are blonde.
In the episode I watched last night we learn a little about Ponch’s life as a young dude. He grew up in a rough neighbourhood and was quite the rapscallion. He did of course change his ways but he refused to elaborate on this when asked by Jon about it, “For another episode” was his answer or thereabouts.

2 thoughts on “Funniest CHiPs moment

  1. tappa January 31, 2011 / 4:31 am

    That episode sounds damn good! Might watch my first CHiPs episode in about 20 years tonight…


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